Never give up on something that makes YOU happy.

I'm Courtney I live in Orlando, Fl and I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world(: Her name's Melissa and I love her so much<3 I just got out of rehab, and I've been living life to it's fullest since then. I reblog what I like and things I think are cool. In case you're unable to see- I'm a lesbian c: . Follow at your own risk ;)



perfect human being award for Tina Fey ok go

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1)  Cotton mouth.
2)  When you keep lighting a bowl when there is nothing left.
3)  When you smoke your self sober.
4)  When you think you have done number 3…but it then hits you like a trin.
5)  When you have no more Weed.
6)  When the cherry hits the back of your neck.
7)  When you think everyone is a secret agent and is out to get you.
8)  When you get winded by just talking.
9)  When you crack knuckles like its nothing.
10)  You think you can sing when you really can’t…..